Delhi Institute of Vedic Education

Enriching Value Education based on Vedic Scriptures.

Revive Yourself and Be Happy

Build a Foundation of Spiritual knowledge that works in harmony of our Academic education. Providing an environment that draws on the ancient Indian wisdom to nurture motivated, well-integrated and independently-thoughtful adults.

  • Wellness Programs for All Ages
  • Discourse on Scriptures
  • Youth Art Connect
  • Mantra & Meditation
  • Culinary Courses

Chant & Be Happy

Hare Krishna maha mantra is recommended in many sacred texts as the most effective form of meditation for the present age

Yoga & Meditation

Benefits of spiritual activities like Meditation can be availed at our centre

Holistic Learning

Engagement in courses entailing combination of philosophy & practical courses.

Spiritual Travel

There are countless reasons why one should Travel, but here you can learn about some of the hidden Gems in the travel domain with a unique experience.

Nurture The Soul

There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live.

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